About Us
  • Up and Out was founded in 1987 with the introduction of six adults to our first apartment support program.  Now, decades later, we serve 41 clients with various abilities in our Residential and Supported Living programs!
  • Since its inception, Up and Out has been committed to providing stable and long term residential programs by purchasing all of the homes for our clients receiving residential services. More than half of the clients that we serve have been with Up and Out for over 20 years and have become an extended family.
  • Up and Out, Inc. is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of committed community members and is licensed through the state and Multnomah County.
  • In addition to providing residential supports, Up and Out has created a series of Life Enrichment Classes available to all of our clients each year. The classes address issues such as developing and maintaining healthy relationships, personal health and hygiene, community independence, maintaining a healthy diet, rights and self-advocacy, sex education, alternative relaxation techniques, emergency preparedness training and more!
  • Through our Life Enrichment classes, we strive to provide opportunities for personal growth and development through avenues that are not always accessible to this population.
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In 2011, Up and Out, Inc. committed to becoming as green as possible and began using only green seal certified
cleaning products  and chemicals for all of our general purpose cleaning needs.

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